Team Leader

Neil Kelham

ILS Paramedic (Cum Laude)
International Trauma Life Support (Cum Laude)
Executive Committee member of The Resuscitation Council of Southern Africa
Resuscitation Council of Southern Africa Faculty member
Department of Labour Certified Level 1, 2 & 3 instructor
American Heart Association instructor
Resuscitation Council of Southern Africa BLS, Heartsaver, Family & Friends and AED instructor
Resuscitation Council of Southern Africa Instructor’s instructor

“While camping on the beach in Mozambique in the early 90’s I was unfortunate enough to witness a tent fire that resulted in the deaths of a young family. This feeling of helplessness and the desperate need to have been able to do more drove me into emergency medicine.

As an ILS paramedic, I have seen many situations where bystander First Aid has made all the difference to a patient’s survival and conversely seen many situations where the lack of First Aid training has been to the patient’s detriment.Often by the time emergency services arrive, it is too late. With the application of basic techniques, the bystander can literally make the difference between life and death.

I cannot emphasize enough the need for high quality First Aid training, presented by qualified instructors who are passionate about what they do.I believe the art of running a successful First Aid, CPR and BLS course is in the details. Students not only need to know how to do something but why they are doing it. It is also essential that students have time to practise the skills they have learnt. Theory is worthless if the skills cannot be performed when they are needed the most.

I also consider it essential to keep up with the latest research and science in emergency medicine and to make sure this is updated in our teaching and manuals.”