School Life Orientation Course

Duration: 14 hours (2 days)

Certification: Department of Labour Level 1 First Aid

With the introduction of the Life orientation subject at school, there is a need not only to provide students with certificates but also essential skills they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.

At First on Scene we have recognized that First Aid training provides both of these requirements and provides the school with qualified First Aiders for sports events, social events and mass casualty incidents.

Advantages to the student

  • A valid certificate to meet their Life orientation requirements
  • 40 hours of community service can be completed at the school on medical standbys
  • A valid certificate students can put on their university application forms should they wish to study in the medical field (Doctors, paramedics, physiotherapist, occupational therapists, sports therapists etc.)
  • An introduction into medicine may help them with future career choices

Advantages to the school

  • School meets its’ Life orientation requirements
  • School will have qualified First Aiders available for up to two years
    before they matriculate
  • School can send different teachers on the course every year,
    making sure staff training is up to date
  • School can use First Aiders for all sports and social events

Advantages to the parents

  • Each household will have at least one family member trained for
    emergencies in the home or while on holiday
  • Parents won’t have to source an outside course for their child
    to attend for university entrance requirements
  • Reduced course cost


Approach to training

All the schools we are currently training at send around 50-80 students per course. The best way, we find, to approach this is to split the students up into groups of 10. We then bring in a number of instructors who will each teach part of the course. Students will then move from one instructor to another for 2 hour blocks of training.

This way each block is a new experience for the student and holds their attention for the full duration of the course.

We can train smaller groups as well and would tailor the number of instructors to suit the number of students.